Peony Varieties

Peonies have very early, early, mid, late and very late varieties, which refers to blooming season, starting in late April through June.

Available peony varieties (listed as they appear in the garden from left to right) are:

Ala Mode
Bridal Shower
Carl G. Klehm
Brother Chuck
Victorian Blush
Festiva Pixie
Festiva Powder Puff
Chiffon Parfait
Cheddar Surprise
Prairie Moon
Silver Dawn
Crazy Daisy
Blitz Torte
Pink Salutation
Cherry Lua
Raspberry Clown
Green Lotus
Fairy’s Petticoat
Serene Pastel
Pillow Talk
Belvidere Princess
Raspberry Sundae
Sweet 16
Lullaby Blessings
Angel Cheeks
Reine Supreme
Reine Deluxe
Touch of Class
Petite Elegance
Pink Lemonade
Garden Parfait
Pink Firefly
Auntie Sherry
Terrific Gal
Pink Kisses
Pillow Dreams
Circus Circus
Susie Q
Dinner Plate
Pink Spritzer
Pink Hawaiian Coral
Coral Charm
Daisy Coronet
Embraceable Pink
Paree Fru Fru
Fancy Nancy
Glory Hallelujah
Magenta Melody
Kansas Spiffy
Aurora Sunrise
Magenta Gem
Best Man
Sweet Shell
Charles Burgess
Port Royale
Barrington Belle
Cuckoos Nest
Red Charm
Illini Warrior