Red Trail

An Oak Hickory Forest

Expect to see views of the Sangamon River, forest containing oak, hickory and maple trees and one of the oldest prairie restorations in the state. From the Buck Schroth Trail parking lot, keep right as you begin your hike on the Red Trail at Allerton Park. Interpretive signs dot your path as you make your way through secondary forests. Here you will encounter and learn about oak-hickory forest and sugar maples as you wind your way along and away from the Sangamon River. During springtime, keep an eye out for spring ephemeral flowers including Virginia Bluebells and Springbeauty.

Compass Plant in the Prairie

At the second intersection, keep left as the Blue and Red trail become a single trail for a short time. Keeping left again, continue along and keep your eye out for white-tailed deer and woodcocks. As you continue hiking, the forest opens up into a restored demonstration prairie, one of the oldest in Illinois. Big bluestem and Indian grass sway in the breeze and Compass plant flowers bloom during the summer here. During spring, ringed-neck pheasants can be heard calling and even seen flying and taking cover deeper in the prairie. Continuing along the main trail will take you back to where you started.

Wanting to take a shorter hike? The trail has a shortcut that may be taken without missing out on views of the Sangamon River or the demonstration prairie.

Be sure to use the map placards and map brochures to find your way so you do not miss out on this unique part of the Allerton Park Natural Areas.