Rec Room Upgrades – $400
Help upgrade the Mansion basement with new pool cues, dart boards, or a sound system!

Luggage Carts – $1,500 FULFILLED!
First impressions are everything! Help guests make a smooth transition from their car to the Mansion.

Marble Hall Rugs – $1,000
We want to make a great first impression and the Marble Hallway is your first sight as you enter the Mansion. Rugs protect the marble floor and add aesthetics to the entryway.

Guest Room Key Cards – $1,500 per room (41)
Guest rooms currently have a lock and key. Upgrading to a key card will be more convenient and secure for our guests.

Library Terrace Furniture – $2,000
The Library Terrace furniture needs an upgrade in order to utilize it more as an event space. This investment would include a new propane fire pit and comfortable patio furniture.

Guest Room Updates – $2,500
New mattresses, bedding, rugs, and table-top plug-ins will keep guest rooms comfortable for guests.

Chiavari Chairs – $4,200
These elegant Mahogany Resin Chairs will help take Allerton’s weddings, banquets, and special events to the next level, providing a much-needed functional and aesthetic addition to the historic Allerton Mansion.

Library Blinds – $7,000
We are getting three sets of new blinds for the LARGE Library doors to replace the current ones that are falling down and unable to open and close.

To make a donation in support of a specific item, please specify the item(s) under “Special Instructions” when you make your gift online. Or, contact Katie Walden at or 217-333-3287.