Summer Day Camp: Policies

Drop Off & Pick Up
Campers may be dropped off 5 minutes prior to the start of camp and will be allowed a 5 minute grace period after the end of camp. If you need care earlier or later than those times, please sign your child up for Extended Day. Regularly late pick-ups will be charged a PM Extended Day fee for that week. It is required that an adult accompany the camper into the building at the start of camp and that an adult come inside to pick the camper up at the end of camp.

Cancellation Policy
Participants may cancel their registration and withdraw from camp up to 10 business days from the start of camp and receive a full refund of the registration fee, less a $20 administrative fee. If a participant cancels fewer than 10 business days prior to the start of camp, they will be charged the full fee for that camp.

Code of Conduct
We want to make sure summer camp is an enjoyable experience for all who attend. Therefore, we rely on a Code of Conduct to ensure participants understand what behavior is expected of them while at camp.

Campers’ Code of Conduct:
1. I will respect all staff, participants, and camp rules.
2. I will refrain from using foul language.
3. I will refrain from causing bodily harm to myself or others.
4. I will refrain from damaging program equipment, supplies, or facilities.
5. I will treat the natural areas and all wildlife in it will care and respect.

Consequences for violating the Code of Conduct:
1st offense: Camper will be given a verbal warning, an explanation of why the behavior was inappropriate, and an example of more appropriate behavior.

2nd offense: Camper will be removed from the larger group and asked to wait with camp staff until the activity is over before rejoining the group.

3rd offense: Parents will be notified and camper may be asked to leave camp without refund of camp fees.