Rediscover Allerton: An Employee’s perspective

Whenever I happen to mention that I work at Allerton Park & Retreat Center, there seems to be a common, predictable response of “Oh, you are so lucky!” and “I love it out there!” or “I haven’t been there in a while, I need to get back there soon!”.  As I read our other blog postings about re-discovering Allerton, I can relate and say that I too am rediscovering this wonderful place.  Five years ago I fell in love with Allerton Park when I was hired as the Wedding & Social Coordinator. I had a terrific opportunity to experience firsthand this unique mansion and these beautiful gardens and had limitless reasons to showcase Allerton’s beauty to others as a venue for their special event.  At the time, I certainly expected to stay longer,  but soon life took me another direction, and through the past four years, like burning embers at a late night camp fire, I simply could not get this “love” out of my heart or mind for long.
My name is Kelly Griffin and I feel like the luckiest and perhaps the most blessed person to be back working here in a new position, at Allerton Park & Retreat Center!  The changes to the park are breath taking yet the feel of quiet serenity that I remember oh so well, is still the same.
My morning commutes since I left Allerton Park four years ago seemed to always include negotiating traffic lights, pedestrians, drivers cutting me off, honking horns, and busy highways with 3-5 lanes going one direction.  Since my return to this area, my morning commute now still certainly has it’s distractions, but they look very different these days when I’m heading into work. Now when I turn on the road toward the park, I cross a picturesque single lane bridge, yes, just one lane to an amazing array of forest beauty that includes whimsical squirrels foraging for their breakfast snacks, birds that are serenading anyone who will listen to their early morning symphony, majestic trumpet vines by the Fu Dog garden with their beautiful orange flowers opening to kiss the early sun. This intense serenity of this “storybook like picture” often distracts me into an extra-long pause near the Fu Dog Garden stop sign while I wait for………well, actually nothing……just taking it all in and re-discovering why I fell in love with Allerton five years ago~
When was the last time you came for a visit at Allerton Park and listened to the silence and experienced the greatness of this amazing gift??  Perhaps it time to come out and rediscover it along with me, and if it’s been awhile for you too, there is a lot to catch up on!

July 22nd, 2014 by Allerton | Posted in Rediscover Allerton