Orange Trail

Trail near Fu Dog Garden

The Orange Trail leads you through early successional forest, bottomland forest, past formal gardens and even the old Goldfish pond. From the southeast corner of the main parking lot, the trail winds its way down toward the Sangamon River. Here the trail separates into two paths. One short path takes you below the reflecting pond dam toward the Meadow. The other path continues on the main trail. Bottomland forest can be seen along this section of the trail.

Plants around the Goldfish Pond

You might notice the differences in age and species of trees on either side of the trail. In view of the Levee Road, the trail heads up a hill and at the crest you will find the Goldfish pond. Continuing on, the trail opens up on the Fu Dog Garden and then the Vine Walk.

Please use map placards and map brochures to find your way so you do not miss out on this unique part of the Allerton Park Natural Areas.