Natural Areas

Camperships – $25/child
Help expand our partnership with Don Moyers Boys & Girls Club by sponsoring a child’s registration to attend Allerton’s Family Campout and Exploration, a no-hassle camping and nature adventure!

Family Campout & Exploration Sponsorship – $100 – $1,000
Typically held the last weekend in September, the annual Family Campout and Exploration encourages families enjoy the outdoors and learn about nature. Support opportunities for kids to hike with biologists, see wildlife up-close, and experience the great outdoors!

Chainsaw – $500 FULFILLED! Thanks to the generous donation from Mark and Mitsuko Williams.
A small professional-grade chainsaw dedicated to trail clearing.

Log Splitter – $4,000
Allerton heats six buildings with wood burners! We save thousands of dollars with renewable energy by using this system…but we need a wood splitter to help make it happen!

Forestry Mower Rental – $9,500
A forestry mower would be used to remove invasive species from large areas of the Park and expand the prairie habitat on the south side of Allerton.

To make a donation in support of a specific item, please specify the item(s) under “Special Instructions” when you make your gift online. Or, contact Katie Walden at or 217-333-3287.