Formal Gardens

Utility Cart – $550
How do you carry 100+ pounds of weeds out of the gardens to the compost piles? You don’t, you use a utility cart. Help the gardeners out by donating this handy piece of equipment.

Spring Annuals – $1,000
Spruce up the pots around the Mansion with spring annuals!

Peony Garden Mulch – $1,050
Contribute to one of the single largest maintenance tasks in the gardens! The Peony Garden uses close to 60 yards of mulch at a cost of just over $1,000!

Chainsaws – $1,300
We use chainsaws to clear hazard trees and keep up with myriad tasks throughout the Park.

Leaf Vacuum – $1,300
Imagine raking your yard in the fall. Now increase that by 15! Allerton has to remove leaves from 15 formal gardens every fall, a vacuum will help save time and energy.

Fall Mums – $4,000
Mums don’t grow on trees — we buy them from a nursery! You can be directly responsible for the fall beautification throughout the Park!

Debris Blower – $5,500
This hefty tool allows Park maintenance staff to clear miles of road of leaves in the fall, clean the parking lots in the summer, and tidy up after construction projects.

Summer Annuals – $5,500
The Allerton gardeners plants thousands of flowers every summer to beautify pots and beds throughout the Park.

To make a donation in support of a specific item, please specify the item(s) under “Special Instructions” when you make your gift online. Or, contact Katie Walden at or 217-333-3287.