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Throughout the year here at Allerton Park and Retreat Center, many things change. Flowers in the gardens bloom and dieback, leaves in the natural areas green and then become the wonderful Fall colors we all love, and temperatures rise into summer and drop into Winter. With all these wonderful changes happening all year round at Allerton Park, there may be things that are overlooked. One of these things might be the birds.
Allerton Park is considered by many Illinois bird watchers as Piatt County’s best birding spot throughout the year. From open tallgrass prairies to forest and everything in between, the natural areas provide a diverse habitat for all types of birds. And it is not just the natural areas that attract bird species, as the gardens can also harbor unique areas for birds.
Any time of year unique species of birds can be found here. In spring, as migrating birds move from their overwintering grounds in South America and the southern United States to breeding grounds in Canada and the northern United States, they need areas to stop over and refuel. As much of the land around Allerton Park is farmland and unsuitable for many of these birds, large numbers of species and individuals concentrate in the forested canopies. As many as 116 species have been seen here in one day during the spring including many colorful favorites such as the warblers and tanagers. In summer, nesting birds, such as Dickcissels, spend time defending territories and raising young, while Fall again greets migrating birds on their way south. Winter is a much quieter time left to the woodpeckers, owls, hawks and others, but unique birds, such as the White-winged Crossbill, are sometimes seen in the hemlock trees planted by Allerton.
Bird watching can be great at Allerton Park during any time of year and observing birds can help add that extra bit of discovery for a walk through the natural areas or the gardens. Come out to Allerton Park and take notice of these flying creatures. You will see it is truly a place for the birds.
Scott Rose Natural Areas Intern Allerton Park

December 14th, 2012 by Allerton | Posted in Rediscover Allerton