Building Maintenance

Heavy Duty Drill – $200
Help us keep Allerton’s buildings look their best! We need a heavy duty drill to mix up mortar and grout for remodeling projects throughout the Mansion, rental houses, and Park buildings.

Commercial Shop Vacuum – $250
A shop vac would be used to clean-up flooded basements as well as general clean up after building projects.

Cordless Drill Sets – $1,000
Our current tools are coming to the end of their usable lifespan. Your donation would cover the cost of several new drill sets.

Door-Making Knife Sets – $1,000
Help us build historically accurate exterior doors by providing a few knife sets and accessories.

Floor-Standing Drill Press – $1,000
Provide a floor-standing drill press so our staff can safely repair equipment.

Generator (700 Watt) – $1,300
We are in need of a generator to provide back-up power for the Mansion and other Park buildings during power outages.

Sewer Camera – $1,400
A sewer camera would allow us to inspect drain and sewer pipes to pinpoint and prevent problems. The cost of having this conducted by outside contractors is time consuming and extremely expensive.

HVAC Tools – $1,800
Current equipment is outdated and not rated properly for the new 410a refrigerant pressures. This will allow continued work on our HVAC systems, recovery machine, gauges, and vacuum pump.

Tire Changer and Balancer – $2,500
These two machines would prevent our vehicles and equipment tires from going offsite to be repaired.

Utilities Locator – $4,000
When we have a project that requires digging, the locating service only locates gas lines and power lines. We are responsible for locating any power lines after the meter. Having a utilities locator would take the guess work out of locating our infrastructure and also save on potential safety issues and costly repairs.

To make a donation in support of a specific item, please specify the item(s) under “Special Instructions” when you make your gift online. Or, contact Katie Walden at or 217-333-3287.