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Allerton Park has long been a place for me to enjoy the beautiful gardens and natural areas and just “get away from it all” so I was very excited when I was invited along with Sandy Meager a fellow Master Gardener, to work with Derek Peterson and his staff to renovate and redesign the existing herb garden. I had participated in the designing and planting of the herb garden when it was established in the mid-90’s so I already have a personal interest in that particular garden. The garden which is on the east side of the mansion, is a very large garden as herb gardens go so to make the job more manageable we are dividing it into four smaller gardens, a medicinal, culinary, craft and Illinois Herb Association-approved garden. Work has begun on the latter garden this year and hopefully will be completed. When entire garden is completed it will not only be a beautiful garden but will serve as an educational opportunity for visitors to learn about the wide variety of herbs and their many uses. There are some lovely elements already in place, which gives us a great start. Lavender lines the main pathway, while drifts of monarda, laitris, thyme and oregano fill much of the area with purple, pink and white flowers. One of the original fu dogs adds its charm to the garden as well. Some of the original peonies and iris from the previous garden continue to add their beauty.
Whether you are a new visitor or have been to Allerton many times, stop by the herb garden – there is something new blooming all the thyme!!! Also, join me on Saturday, September 7 at 10:00 a.m. for a walk through the garden and learn about all the herbs that we have growing there. Taste, smell and experience the herb garden, you’ll be glad you did.

Herbally yours,
Kay Carnes, the Allerton Herb Lady

July 16th, 2013 by Allerton | Posted in Rediscover Allerton