“Somerston Estate Wine Dinner” Menu

Greeting Wine
2013 Priest Ranch Grenache Blanc ($22.99)*

First Course
Shrimp Cocktail
Jumbo Prawns with roasted farm fresh tomatoes and fresh horseradish
2013 Priest Ranch Sauvignon Blanc ($19.99)*

Second Course
Wedge Salad
Romaine lettuce boat with Crispy Pork Belly, Bleu Cheese, Red Onion, and 25 year old Balsamic
2010 Priest Ranch Petite Syrah ($39.99)*
2012 Priest Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon ($44.99)*

Third Course
Grilled Filet of Beef
Farm fresh filet with herbed butter and house made onion rings nested on top
2009 Priest Ranch “Coach Gun” ($89.99)*
2012 Somerston Estate “Stornoway” Red ($99.99)*

Stilton drizzled with local honey and fresh peach compote

*All wines are included in the meal, prices are noted for informational purposes only.

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