Rediscover Allerton: Fall at Allerton Park and Retreat Center

Fall is my second favorite season at Allerton Park; day-to-day operations of the park seem to slow down just enough for the average employee to appreciate what he or she has accomplished.

Fall is a great time at the park to enjoy the natural areas and all the beauty they hold. Have you seen the Hickories this year? Forget the Hickories, one of my favorite trees at Allerton, the Sassafras, is a blaze of gorgeous reds and oranges. Have you been to the Centaur statue this season? If you approach from the bottomland forest, laboring up the steps to approach the alter above, you will be greeted by a golden sunrise of leaves witnessing the Death of the Last Centaur. And Formal Gardens are still revealing secrets of all kinds.
The Retreat Center is gearing up for holiday parties, all while the phone rings off the hook with brides calling to discuss summer wedding details.

The Allerton Barn’s door opened last weekend to welcome guests for Allerton’s first annual Oktoberfest Celebration. The barn quivered with laughter and beat with the steady foot-falls of Polka dancing – as much a treat for the spectators as the dancers.

We look forward to introducing the public to Allerton’s new website in the next few weeks. This website will be much more user-friendly, and will allow the staff to better interact with the public.

I mentioned that fall was my second favorite season at the park; it comes to a close as the chill of winter sets in. Most people tend to forget about Allerton in the winter, but winter is my favorite season here at the park. Winter is a quiet wonderland of sparkling ice and snow, and I think there is no better way to experience the artful arrangements of evergreens and sculpture Allerton has to offer. Allerton is here, Allerton is open; come out and rediscover all the different experiences that each season brings.

November 16th, 2012 by Allerton | Posted in Rediscover Allerton