Brown Trail

Mature Bottomland Forest

The longest trail in the park, the Brown Trail traverses through bottomland forest containing trees over five feet in diameter, along the Sangamon River and through a small section of upland forest. This trail begins at the Death of the Last Centaur parking and offers a wonderful approach to the Centaur statue. Be sure to also notice the four pillars topped with urns within the open oak-hickory forest. Following the Brown Trail down a slope, the trail then continues along a point of transition between an upland oak/hickory forest on one side and on the other, a bottomland forest. Here spring flowers such as Virginia bluebells carpet the forest floor. Following the Brown Trail, after it intersects with the Purple Trail, you may notice trees of great size and diameter.

Death of the Land Centaur Statue

Ash, bur oaks and sycamores represent an assemblage of the impressively sized tree species, some reaching up to five feet in diameter. Views of the Sangamon River and the watchable wildlife are also plentiful as you continue along the trail. Keep an eye out for great-blue herons, wood ducks, and beavers. This area is also great for migrating song birds during the spring.

There may be times of the year when the bottomland portion of this trail may be flooded. Please use caution.

There is one section of this trail that shares the path with another trail, the Yellow Trail. Be sure to use the map placards and map brochures to find your way so you do not miss out on this unique part of Allerton Park Natural Areas