Allerton Park’s “Christmas in July” announcement~~~

Each July, doesn’t it feel like we are often reminded by so many commercials and ads about the holidays…..especially those “Christmas in July” marketing ads that spin our thoughts into motion as if we need to immediately start our holiday shopping, lest we fall behind!

“Christmas” and all of the surrounding holidays often conjure up beautiful memories of lights and decorated homes, towns, businesses, and family gatherings, festive meals with all the extras, traditions of the season, choirs, the beauty of nature in her winter slumber, meaningful visits and conversations with special people in our lives……and here at Allerton Park?? What do we remember….better yet, what do you remember and keep asking us about??? That’s an easy answer! “Holiday Showcase” ….

This beautiful holiday tradition, right here at Allerton’s Mansion, started many years ago in 1995. Tamzin Kratz Holman, had the vision, the leadership, a keen eye for details and a flair for the beautiful and because of deep love for Allerton Park, along with many talented helpers arm in arm, “Holiday Showcase” was created and for years was one of the most beloved holiday traditions the mansion enjoyed. This annual tradition caught on marvelously and people came from all around to experience this festive transformation in each nook & room of this magnificent home, we call the mansion. The “dinners”, served at our lunch hour, and the black tie gala event were well attended and memories of the delicious meals are still topic of conversation when people share details about their visit. The beautiful rooms that local shop owners decorated in the mansion brought elegance and holiday magic to this grand estate. It was truly a memorable showcase for Allerton Mansion!

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Tamzin and “walking” down memory lane with her as she shared all of the creative ideas and plans that were associated with this successful event.
In the midst of our meeting, both of us paused our conversation and thoughts about bringing back the “Holiday Showcase”, and then came to the same conclusion. This is the year to bring the holidays back to Allerton Mansion…….with new plans for new traditions!

Keep your eyes on our website (, the blog and our Face Book page as we begin to give you details of the many events that you, your family, your extended family, and the people you “love like family”, will certainly want to attend to make those new traditions along with us! This year we WELCOME YOU BACK to Allerton Mansion for the 2014 holidays!

July 31st, 2014 by Allerton | Posted in Rediscover Allerton